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We want to give some information about Shatilli Cafe’xtra franchising system. The term franchising has its roots in the French language, where franc means free and affranchir- to set free. . Franchising is a distribution and marketing system and commercial relations between the two parties which is based on an agreement. Franchising is a type of collaboration between franchisor and franchisee, where franchisee gets the name, product (already successful or some newly launched product with huge prospects), techniques and training while the franchisor gets the opportunity to quickly grow as a brand throughout the cities or even nationwide. Franchising, may be defined as a business arrangement where a licensor via a monopoly right allows the distributer to conduct the business of providing and selling of goods and services in a city, region or a country.

Franchiser is a company or manufacturer that grants franchises. The objective of franchiser is producing the goods and selling without investing directly in the different regions by another producer or merchants.

Our branches has to be opened in locations where businesses and sectors have high levels of coffee culture…

Franchisee candidate or the authorized person must receive training. We would like to remind you that our goal is creating a respectable, profitable and pleasant work environment for you by sharing our experiences. Communication between people is an indispensable condition of "TRUST". Our main principle is to build cooperations based on this environment. REQUIREMENTS LOCATION - 100m2 interior (minimum) - 30m2 outer space (minimum) PAYMENT - Decoration expenses, according to the concept on the basis of square meters - Franchisee fee (the cost of royalty, architecture, manager-staff training, menu covers and brochures) - Monthly Royalty Fee 3% of turnover - 2% of advertising expenditure is requested. In case of agreement, 1-Contract 2-Detection of Shop 3-Project 4-Amendment (Personal Training-Ad Prep)

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